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When it comes to home improvement, choosing the right contractor for gutter repairs and installations can be a daunting task. Central New York residents needing reliable gutters services should look no further than Michael C Graham & Son.

At Michael C Graham & Son, we have been providing quality gutters services for years, establishing a reputation for expertise and customer satisfaction. With a vast selection of colors, styles, and accessories to choose from – as well as guaranteed workmanship – we can provide the perfect solution for your home.

From small repairs to entire gutter replacements, our team of licensed professionals is committed to providing outstanding craftsmanship with attention to detail. We take extra care to ensure that gutters are properly installed, eliminating potential water damage and other issues associated with poor installation. 

We also provide maintenance services such as cleaning, inspection, and repair. With our experienced team of technicians, you can rest assured that your gutters will be in the best condition possible to protect your home from water damage and other problems.

new gutters on roof in Central NY
central new york gutters

new gutters, new benefits

Installing new gutters can have a number of benefits. First, they help protect your home from water damage. Gutters channel rainwater away from the structure so that it doesn’t build up and cause costly repairs down the line. They also make sure that your landscaping stays healthy during heavy rains and can help keep your basement dry.

Gutters aren’t just about protecting valuable investments, though—they can improve the look of your home as well. New gutters come in a variety of styles and colors so that you can match them to any house design or aesthetic. In addition, they’re low maintenance: adding gutter guards or covers is an easy way to reduce the amount of debris that can get caught in them.

Finally, new gutters are a great way to save money on your energy bill. By keeping rainwater away from the foundation, they help keep temperatures more consistent throughout your house and make it easier for your HVAC system to regulate the climate. This can result in significant savings over time.

our gutter installation process

1. Measurement

The first step is to measure the home’s eaves, which will determine the size of gutters needed. Next, we prepare the eaves by removing any existing nails or screws that may have come loose during measurement.

2. Install Hangers

We then install hangers along the eaves, so your gutter can be secured to the home. A masonry bit is used to drill into brick or stone facades, and lag bolts are used for wood siding. We then secure the front and back of each hanger with screws, ensuring a tight seal.

3. Install Gutter

Once the hangers are installed, we measure, cut, and bend the gutter to fit the eaves. The corners of each gutter section are joined together with a crimping tool to ensure they are securely connected. We then use silicone sealant along the corner seams, and between the hanger and gutter ends.

4. Downspouts

Finally, our team installs downspouts as needed and tests the gutters for proper drainage. Once we are satisfied with our work, we’ll clean up any debris on the job site and walk away knowing that our customer’s home is now properly protected from water damage.


Our Latest 5-Star Reviews

We had a complete facelift done on our house: new roof, 2 new skylights, and new siding that included house wrap, foam board, composite stone, and gutters/downspouts. Also new roof on shed. Michael and Lauren, and team were superior. We were very happy with the workmanship of the job. They were early starters and put full days in and always cleaned up their work area at end of day. Michael, Lauren, and the team addressed any concerns we had and made sure we were satisfied with the end result, or with any of the corrections where needed. The team always kept us updated on the work progress, and if any changes or delays were to come. Overall, we are very pleased on how everything turned out. We would highly recommend Michael C Graham & Son Construction for any home construction work!!! And we also loved having his team of workers at our home. They were all very personable.
Monique Cuyler
Monique Cuyler
They were always on time and very communicative. We were impressed with their professionalism and workmanship. Materials were high quality and attention to detail was top notch. The roof looks great!
Mary Harmon
Mary Harmon
Great business, very professional and fast!
Faith Graham
Faith Graham
Great company to work with. Mike and his team we very professional and took great attention to detail with work at my house. Mike explained everything that needed to be done to ensure the job would be done right. I highly recommend using them.
Michael came and did a roof repair after a phone call on a sunday evening , in the rain, to prevent more water damage on an interior ceiling. I got a quick estimate for a new roof. When the crew came, they assessed damaged plywood and replaced all damaged material. The crew was very neat, professional, and honest. Hard to ask for more from this company. The price for this type of quality and workmanship is excellent. You can tell Michael and his company has decades of experience. They have also done my brother and parents roof with outstanding results. If you see a red sign, stop! And look! Highly recommended
Jim Kelley
Jim Kelley
5 star service, Mike and his crew are the best out very professional

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