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Solar Roofing in Auburn, NY

Solar panels are a simple and affordable option to save money on your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint. At Michael C. Graham & Son, we provide professional solar panel installation services throughout the Auburn, NY, area. 

Solar panels in Auburn, NY, are a great way to save energy. Our team has the knowledge and skill for quick and efficient installation projects.

For more information on solar panels in Auburn, NY, contact the team at Michael C. Graham & Son today. Or, visit our testimonials page to see what your friends and neighbors say about our exceptional services. 

Benefits of Solar Panels in Auburn, NY

Are solar panels worth the investment in Auburn, NY? The short answer is yes. Not only are solar panels a cost-effective renewable energy system, but they also offer numerous additional benefits. 

Some of the advantages of a solar system include the following: 

For more information on the benefits of solar panels, call Michael C. Graham & Son. We are your trusted solar company in Auburn, NY. 

Solar Panel Installation in Auburn, NY

Installing solar panels in NY is easier than you might think. Michael C. Graham & Son makes solar panel installations as seamless as possible.

We’ll be with you through every step of the process, including going over solar panel installation costs, providing solar quotes, and helping you find the best option for your budget.

We will send a professional solar installer to evaluate your home and discuss the different components that affect the price, your tax credit options, and how many solar panels your home may need. 

The amount of power your solar panels can create depends on the type of panels you install, how much sunlight your panels receive, and the panel angle. Even if there are not many sunny days, your solar panels will still produce energy. The more solar panels you have, the more renewable energy you will produce. 


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Solar Panels Cost in Auburn, NY

New York has some of the best prices for solar panels throughout the United States. There are several factors that impact solar panels’ price, such as the system size, brand, and government incentives. 

Solar System Size

AuburnAuburnNY, home generally requires an 8kW system. 

Solar Panel Brand

The solar panel brand you choose will also affect the panel’s quality and the price of your new power system. 

Panel Type

How much panels cost in AuburnAuburnls are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin film. 

Type of Roof

The structure of your roof will factor into installation costs. For example, if your roof has various peaks or is difficult to access, the price to install solar panels will change.  

Permits and National Grid Fee

While it may not drastically increase your price of solar in Auburn, NY, there are permits and interconnection fees to take into account for the total of your solar panels cost. 

Federal Government Incentives in Auburn, NY

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is for residential solar energy systems. It allows homeowners to deduct 30% of the total energy system cost from their federal taxes. You must install your solar power before 2032 to receive the 30% incentive, at which time the incentive will drop to 26%. 

Local Solar Incentives, Auburn, NY

New York has some of the best solar energy incentives that can drastically cause the cost of solar to drop. 

New York also has the NY-Sun program, making it easy to find incentive programs encouraging solar projects. For example, the K-Solar program provides schools with access to install solar power and the Affordable Solar Program helps low-income families find affordable solar panels. 

Numerous financing options exist to help purchase solar energy systems, such as solar loans and solar leases in NY. 

Earning Back on Your Solar in Auburn, NY

Solar payback periods are determined by how long it takes for electricity savings to pay back the initial investment in a solar system. Typically, homeowners can reach their initial investment in a little more than nine years. 

solar roofing panels in Central NY

Why Choose Michael C. Graham & Son in Auburn, NY?

Professional Solar

Michael C. Graham & Son provides professional solar panel services throughout central New York. We prioritize our customers by going above and beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

Dependable Service

While other solar companies may provide unreliable service, you can count on our team to always be courteous and dependable. We value our customers, which is why we always treat our customers with respect and are extremely helpful every solar project. 

Affordable Prices

The team at Michael C. Graham & Son will take the time to help you make an informed decision on the right solar panel system for your home. Our company will explain the incentives, discuss the price, and review the manufacturer warranties and various solar quotes. 

Our Latest 5-Star Reviews

We had a complete facelift done on our house: new roof, 2 new skylights, and new siding that included house wrap, foam board, composite stone, and gutters/downspouts. Also new roof on shed. Michael and Lauren, and team were superior. We were very happy with the workmanship of the job. They were early starters and put full days in and always cleaned up their work area at end of day. Michael, Lauren, and the team addressed any concerns we had and made sure we were satisfied with the end result, or with any of the corrections where needed. The team always kept us updated on the work progress, and if any changes or delays were to come. Overall, we are very pleased on how everything turned out. We would highly recommend Michael C Graham & Son Construction for any home construction work!!! And we also loved having his team of workers at our home. They were all very personable.
Monique Cuyler
Monique Cuyler
They were always on time and very communicative. We were impressed with their professionalism and workmanship. Materials were high quality and attention to detail was top notch. The roof looks great!
Mary Harmon
Mary Harmon
Great business, very professional and fast!
Faith Graham
Faith Graham
Great company to work with. Mike and his team we very professional and took great attention to detail with work at my house. Mike explained everything that needed to be done to ensure the job would be done right. I highly recommend using them.
Michael came and did a roof repair after a phone call on a sunday evening , in the rain, to prevent more water damage on an interior ceiling. I got a quick estimate for a new roof. When the crew came, they assessed damaged plywood and replaced all damaged material. The crew was very neat, professional, and honest. Hard to ask for more from this company. The price for this type of quality and workmanship is excellent. You can tell Michael and his company has decades of experience. They have also done my brother and parents roof with outstanding results. If you see a red sign, stop! And look! Highly recommended
Jim Kelley
Jim Kelley
5 star service, Mike and his crew are the best out very professional

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Michael C. Graham & Son is your go-to solar company in Auburn, NY. Our top-rated solar installers will take the time to answer your solar panel questions, address your concerns, and provide honest advice. 

To learn more about solar installation costs or solar panels in Auburn, NY, call Michael C. Graham & Son to speak with one of our solar panel professionals. We provide numerous renewable energy options in the upstate New York area.

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