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Sealing the Deal: A Light-hearted Look at Energy Efficient Windows and Their Perks.


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Unlocking a Clearer Picture: The Power of Energy Efficient Windows

Picture this: You’re sat comfortably at home, snugly cocooning from the blistering Syracuse winter storm outside. The flipside? Steep heating bills and sneaky draughts whisking away the comfort from that peaceful image. Welcome to the reality of inefficiency old-style windows!

In the true spirit of Michael C Graham and Son, we bring you a fond, pun-filled discussion on how energy efficient windows curate a win-win situation, while adding to your home’s aesthetics. These green building materials with exceptional thermal efficiency, serve as the harbinger of reduced electricity bills. We would window-dress this further, but let’s not put ‘panes’ between us!

Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration says that you can drop your heating and cooling costs by nearly 12% with these windows. And according to the U.S. Department of Energy, you would be shrinking your carbon footprint by 7% in comparison to conventional window types. Energy Star wraps up the info-treat by claiming a 12%-33% saving on electricity bills.

Understanding the Heat of the Moment: Insulation and Energy Efficient Windows

Double glazed windows – now there’s a cold topic with a warm benefit! These windows, with two glass panes separated by a gas-filled pocket, maximize insulation properties. Summer heat or winter chill, these windows put a lid on heat transfer. Plus, they double-up as a noise buffer. Think reduced energy costs and a quieter home – no half-glass empty situation there!

Green is the New Glass: The Environment Friendly Factor

Yes, energy efficient windows indeed barter carbon prints for green thumbs! In addition to the significant 7% reduction in carbon footprint, these windows luxuriate in low emission (low-E) coatings. Low-E coatings reflect heat back to its source, keeping your home’s climate under check. What you get is a toasty winter and a pleasantly cool summer – proving that all that glitters is indeed not always gold!

Sealing the Drafts: Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Windows Energy Efficient

Ready to tap the energy saving benefits? Here’s a simple guide, easier than window-shopping!

Step 1: Choose your windows wisely. Double glazed windows win the energy efficiency battle hands down.

Step 2: Seal all visible cracks and openings around the window frames.

Step 3: If replacement isn’t an option, consider installing storm windows.

Step 4: Regular maintenance never hurt anyone. Keep a check on the seals, paint, and glazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does energy efficient translate to expensive?

Not in the long run. The initial cost may be more, but the consistent savings on your monthly bills validate the investment.

Are double glazed windows the only energy efficient option?

No, they are one of the most common types due to their thermal efficiency, but there are other green building materials like triple glazing and low-E windows too.

Quick Tips to Window Energy Efficiency

1. Seek professional advice based on your geography and home orientation.

2. Update worn out weather strips.

3. Install window coverings.

4. Regular maintenance.

Reflecting on the Perks of Energy Efficiency

Residential energy conservation is no more a ubiquitous catchphrase but an attainable reality with energy efficient windows. Jokes apart, the importance of reducing our reliance on electricity is as clear as the windows we’re talking about. From the financial payback to the environmental impact, these are the windows of opportunity we need to stop ogling and start opening!

So, happy window ‘pane’-ing because that’s the only ‘pane’ you’ll deal with from hereon!

Table of Contents

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