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Take a look at what our customers are saying about Michael C. Graham & Son!

“Everything went very well from start to finish. In the decades I’ve hired contractors this was the first company who actually came early and left late. They were courteous, professional and after watching them for a couple of days I knew I was in good hands. I’m pretty particular and I’m more than pleased with how everything turned out. I should add that going into the job I thought there were only 3 layers of shingles on the roof, as did the contractor. He did not charge extra for having to remove the additional layer. They repaired several things that needed it as well. A week or so later I noticed a spot that was missed when wrapping an entryway door(they also wrapped most exposed wood and did a great job), I texted Tony, the guy who sold me the job and who, by the way, is very responsive to the customers’ concerns and needs and will do his best to make sure you’re satisfied with the work done. He also answers his phone! It was taken care of the next day. Tony also came over when I had some questions as well as to re secure the old gutter that had come loose and fallen prior to the new ones being installed, ON A SUNDAY!!

I’m very glad that I found this company. For me, it was a big job and I was very nervous about having it done and done right. Michael Graham and company did just that! I’ve already recommended them several times this week alone.

If you need any roofing or siding work done I highly recommend Michael C. Graham and Son Construction. You won’t regret it! I certainly don’t!

Description of work:
Installed new roof; removing 4 layers of shingles and replacing 25 pieces of plywood. Applied 9 feet of ice and water protection as well as ridge and gable vents. Removed old siding and homosote then put on plywood, blown-in insulation, wrapped in tyvex and foam board prior to putting on the vinyl siding.”

– Richard Clouthier

“As a career sales manager, I can attest to the fact that when a customer has a complaint, they will let you know, as they should. Yet, I can also attest that in most cases, a satisfied customer will rarely take the time to express their appreciation for a job well done.

I recently was helping my elderly parents to have their roof replaced and a deck re-built. The first two contractors that I had contacted were very negative experiences. Another got back to me too late. The company I ended up with, I only knew from seeing their trucks occasionally around town. My experience with them was great from the very beginning to the very end. The customer service rep. They kept me informed and up to date on the schedule. The sales rep. Was very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely personable. The work crew was like nothing I have ever seen before. There were several trucks and trailers, with about a dozen workers. All with matching shirts, each man knew his job. The teamwork and efficiency got the job done in one day. The finished work was the first-rate, and our family would recommend them very highly.”

– John Lewis

“Everything went well overall, and we couldn’t be happier with Michael and Michael Jr. Right from the start with the salesman to the clean-up. As the polite salesman promised, the job went like clockwork. We scheduled our roofing project two weeks in advance with a one-day delay because of a snow storm. The owner and his son were at our home both days, working and overseeing the whole operation. The workers were polite and respectful of my home and property.

There were no surprises or hidden fees, just as they stated. The price might have been a little high, but not the highest. The most impressive thing to me was how Michael produced all the proper insurances for him and his crew. I called my own insurance company to verify what insurances a roofer needs in NY State, and they told me “liability and workers comp.” When I got quotes from 4 popular roofing companies in the area, none of them carried the proper insurances! Michael was the only company to actually provide that info upfront. We couldn’t be happier with the work performed!!!! Give this guy a call…

Description of work:
We had our entire roof removed and replaced by Michael and his crew. Three layers of roofing and two layers of plywood were removed and replaced in a day and a half. “

– TA

“Michael’s team showed up immediately after sending a deposit for the work. They installed a 30-year architectural shingle roof, installed ice and water leak barriers, and the contract stated that they would replace any bad decking at $45.00 sheet 1/2 in. plywood. The total cost came to $4410. What a great job. They are honest. They are careful around your property, covering plants and bushes. Then, after all, is said and done, they clean up the entire property and any other papers that may have flown onto neighbors’ property. On top of all this, I noticed that a piece of wood under the front upper window had been broken by large icicles, and they replaced that.

I highly recommend them. I compared others’ prices, and he was the fairest of all, and in the comparison, others who would have used the same CertainTeed select shingles wanted more money. And all was done in one day. “

– Loretta Nowicki

“These guys were great! I had been talking with their sales rep Anthony since last year, and I told him what happened. Within a couple of days, Michale (the owner) and his crew were on my roof, replacing it in 20-degree weather. They came right before the last snowstorm and replaced half, and came back a couple of days after the storm to finish. They also replaced a rotted-out area under my daughter’s window that was leaking into my back porch. We also purchased gutters from them that only took about 3 hours to put up and look great on the house. This company is very professional, personable, does outstanding work, and is priced fairly… I would recommend them to anyone! Next year we tackle the siding:)

Description of work:
The roof on my house hasn’t been replaced in 30 years, so we started to have some leaks. But when we had all that ruff wind the last couple of weeks, game over! The wind had rolled back the flat part of my roof, and it started to leak so bad, part of the ceiling in my daughter’s room came down.”

– Zettie Young

“The workmanship was excellent. Mike is knowledgeable, straightforward and he was on-site during our roof replacement. Mike and his crew were polite and respectful – people that you are comfortable having at your home. They did a great job of protecting our windows with plywood, our shrubs with tarps, and they cleaned up every night. We took a number of bids and, while Mike’s bid was not the lowest, we are certain that we got the best job at the best price.

Description of work:
Replaced roof plywood, shingles, and skylights.”

– Patricia Ramsdell

“The team was excellent.

I received a quote from Tony, who was professional and prompt. Tony responded to all my questions and was great to work with. Tony kept me informed of the start date and only had a minor impact due to weather beyond their control. Even then, he followed up to make sure I was informed.

Next, the team showed up to perform the work. They protected everything and showed up with plenty of manpower to get the job done. A couple of things again showed they were the right team; they cleaned up all day long and always left the jobsite organized and clean. Each night they made sure everything was weatherproof.

Tony and Michael showed up each day to ensure the job was progressing and being done right. When necessary, they jumped right into the job.

At the end of the job, they cleaned up everything, including handpicking the nails and materials out of the landscaping. The work was excellent, and they made sure the work was right, even correcting errors made when the first roof was previously installed by another contractor. The finished product was great looking, and they hit every detail without exception. It was a tricky roof, and they knew how to tackle the job correctly.

I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. They communicate, they work hard, and they pay attention to the little details that make the job go smoothly.

A side little note to details, one screen got a small tear, Tony went out and had it back up the next day fixed better than it was the day before!

I would like to say thanks to all of his crew. Every one of them worked hard and was truly concerned to make sure the job was completed correctly.

I wish all home improvement jobs were as easy as this was! “

– Michael Wansor