How Snow and Ice Affect Your Roof

Winter is upon us in Central New York, and the drastic temperature changes can have an impact on the exterior of our houses. 

Have you noticed too much snow or ice on your roof? Roofs are made to withstand roughly 20 pounds of pressure. Snow and ice can be extremely heavy. Take a look inside your home for roof stress. This can include leaks, cracked walls, and drooping ceilings. 

So, how do you protect your roof this winter?


Remove Snow ASAP

    • Regular maintenance can help protect your roof. Clear your gutters and don’t allow water to build up. 

Check Attic Ventilation

    • If your attic is poorly ventilated or insulated, it can expose your roof and allow ice dams to form. 

Check the Flashing

    • Flashing is used to direct water away from vulnerable areas on your roof. If you allow snow or ice to remain near the damaged flashing, you are sure to get a leak. 

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